Puresprout-Wolf-Garten aluminium Vario Folding Handle-400cm

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PS-Wolf Garten-01-23
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  • Optimum length adjustment using the hole matrix
  • For multi-star tree and pond care tools as well as cleaning tools and roof snow clearers
  • Can be adjusted effortlessly to the desired length
  • Light and durable and made from high-quality aluminium
  • Length: 400 cm

WOLF GARNET Multi Star Vario Telescopic Handle ZM-V4 RECOMMENDED FOR WOLF GARNET MULTI-STAR TOOLS ONLY  This handle can extend from 2.2 meters to 4 meters and allows you to reach awkward branches whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. It is part of the multi-change range so it can be used with any of the 50 tool heads in the collection though the extra height that it affords means it is perfect for use with tree pruners, fruit catchers or even cleaning tool heads such as the window mop, for reaching conservatory windows . Furthermore, it allows you to reach high branches or windows without using a ladder so ensuring safety at all times. You can remove the tool head by pressing the red release button found on the upper part of the handle and swap it for any other tool head in the collection, allowing you to switch from picking fruit to pruning branches to cleaning windows- all the while using the same handle so saving storage space, effort and more importantly, keeping you safe.

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