Puresprout-Tomato/Vines/Plant Support/Farming Clip/Hydroponics Clips (White) -100 Pcs

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  • Easy Installing and Easy Removable
  • Reuseable Clips
  • Plastic material
  • White Colour
  • Works well for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, and other vine crops, flowers and plants
  • Great support for beans and plants with a small enough stem that you can fit the stake in the 1" diameter hole
  • Anti-aging, high temperature, easy to buckle, makes plants healthier
  • Excellent solution for tomato vines, ventilated design facilitates air circulation and this plant clips are secured loosely so it doesn't harm the vine itself as it grows.
  • Easily clips to trellising twine and doesn't slip

Stronger, anti-aging, high temperature, easy to buckle, very suitable for outdoor and greenhouse. Widely used in tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, melons, and other vine vegetables. Great support for training single stem fig and fruit trees, and managing rose bushes as well. Works well for a small enough stem with 1 inch diameter hole, the larger size allows for more growth and prevents constricting of the plant stem.

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