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  • VERY EASY TO SET UP WITH MINIMAL EFFORT- Each kit includes everything you need to grow your own fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits right at home
  • NO PESTICIDES AND CHEMICALS- Unlike mass-produced produce and herbs that are grown with chemicals in soil, this hydroponics growing system is made of food-grade plastic and grows fresh, better tasting plants with nutrient enriched circulated water for fresh vegetables and herbs right in your home. The tower conveniently fits in a grow tent for growing cannabis flower, cloning and more.
  • DOESN'T TAKE UP TOO MUCH SPACE- Want to garden but you live in a city, a small apartment, or want the convenience of the produce department in your home? The indoor garden will grow 20 plants in 1 square foot of space.  the modular hydroponic aerogarden fits perfectly in any space, and will add greenery to your decor!
  • DOES NOT TAKE A LOT OF RESOURCES TO WORK- No gardening experience is required to have your own indoor herb garden and add a garden to your decor. Simply refresh the vertical garden's nutrients every 4-6 weeks and let the planter do the rest. Plus, our hydroponic tower offers top of the line quality at a fraction of the cost compared to other indoor growing gardens.
  • GROW PLANTS ALL YEAR ROUND- Want fresh herbs and vegetables even during the colder months? The hydroponic growing system works no matter the temperature outside and is so easy to use that even gardening newcomers can master the art of growing in less than 10 minutes per week.



  • 90% LESS WATER




This DIY kit comes with complete instructions in the user manual to install and use it as plug and play device. It is ideal for Home Users who want to grow their own greens.

For Commercial setup, the system is designed according to the land available and products to be installed. Contact us to design your farm with complete automation.

The vertical tower  is an aeroponics based vertical plant growing system that takes only 2*2 Square Feet space to grow 40-48 plants. It helps you grow your own food without worrying about watering the plants. The Automated Irrigation System with a water reservoir of approx 40 litre can last upto 7-10 days, which makes the entire operation stress free.

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