Puresprout.in-(3.2mx50Mtr) Beakaert Duron Trellising Wire

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Trellises for specialty crop production requires strong High tensile  that will bear loads over long periods of time without stretching or elongating. Bekaert produces 200 KPSI high tensile 12.5 gauge smooth wire with a 1,500 lb breaking strength, making it perfect for heavily supported or heavy fruiting crops.Bekaert high tensile smooth wire, provides the solid, well-supported infrastructure that your orchard or vineyard needs to grow and flourish.


  • Lifetime:8 times more corrosion resistant than heavy galvanised
  • Maintenance-No re-tensioning needed over the years
  • Sagging-less sagging, Goodbye to sagging wire
  • Suitable for Trellising of Apple, Kiwi, Grapes & Vegetables
  • Also suitable for anti-hail net, shade net, insect net & temporary structures.

Product specification:

Diameter Guage of wire Length per Coil (mtr)
1.80mm 15 1600
2.20mm 13 1600
2.50mm 12 1000
3.20mm 10 800
4.00mm 9 800

Trellising wire is delivered per running meter, on user-friendly coils.

Building a wire infrastructure to support the growth and development of specialty crops is a long-term investment.  Fruit, nut and other specialty crop farmers all strive for higher yields per acre. Properly designed trellises allow for many planting and harvesting options. Built right, structural support systems like trellises can support heavy spindles, stalks, trunks and branches. This promotes growth and development while carrying the additional weight of the fruit.Beakaert High Tensile wire is ideal for any kind of specialty crop trellising. From orchard tree fruits like cherries, apples, pears, peaches, almonds, and plums to vines as well as more niche crops like hemp.

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