Puresprout.in-105m GI Coated Wiggle Wire Zig-Zag Rust Proof Spring Lock attachment for Greenhouse Poly house Film & Net house (Galvanized Steel)

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  • GI coated, reusable steel wire designed with Technology for simple and seamless installation and attachment of poly film, shade cloth, netting or various other materials to greenhouses or other outdoor enclosures
  • The .75 Metre initial length of each piece is designed to stretch to a longer length if necessary upon installation
  • Color: Silver - Absorbs very little heat, which lengthens the lifetime of Greenhouse Film. This Wire Lock is designed to work with the Aluminum/Steel Lock Base to secure poly material to your greenhouse
  • Spring Wire is widely used in fastening the film in plastic greenhouse.It is more durable and suitable for high temperature.Thickness: 2.5mm

GI coated, reusable steel wire designed for greenhouse use. This wire allows for simple and seamless attachment of Poly Film or Shade Cloth to greenhouses or any other outside enclosures. The System is easily removable in the event of film damage. 

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