Puresprout-Hydroponics Jiffy Coco Pellets/Coco disc/Coco Coin/Coir Coin 50mm Growing Medium (Set of 70)

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Dimensions : 20 x 14 x 12 cm; 900 Grams

Directions to use :
1. Put the pellets in the planting tray.
2. Soak the pellets with lukewarm water, pour off any excess water.
3. Sow seeds or stick cuttings and position the tray in a bright place.
4. When the seeds are sprouting, turn the cover slightly for air circulation.
5. When the seeds have sprouted, take the cover off.
6. Avoid frost.
7. Gradually expose to the sun.
8. Never overwater or let them dry out.
9. Water thoroughly.
10. Refill water when required.

50mm Coco Peat Disc ensures strong seedling which offer quicker rooting due to the air pruning that stimulates fibrous root development within the plug. This can decrease crop cycle up to 25% to produce stronger, more compact plants.Weight - 5 gm/pellet Jiffy Coco Pellets or Coco Coins are an ideal growing medium for starting your seedlings. These pellets made from coco fibre expand in water to form a neat basket of inert coco fibre which will hold its moisture.


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