Jumbo Automatic Solar UV Light, Li-Ion Battery and Tray Insect Trap with 10 watt Solar Panel for Pest Collection

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1. 10 Watt Solar Panel to recharge the battery easily.
2. 8.5 hours working time, automatically switches off 5 hrs after sunset and
automatically switches on 3.5 hrs before morning, when the pests are active.
3. Strong and Large Plastic Tray for pest collection.
4. Recommended height is one feet above the canop (plant height), we have provide 3 holes in
top pole to adjust the trap height.
5. UV Led lights, to attract the harmful insects easily.
6. Tilted Solar Panel for higher Solar charging efficiency.

Use Instructions:
1. Assemble the whole Solar Insect Trap as per the given instructions.
2. Position and Orient the Solar Insect Trap in such a manner that it is gets maximum solar
exposure during daytime. It is recommended to position the panel facing south.
3. Place the Plastic tray on the tray holder.
4. Fill the tray with Soapy water to catch more insects.(Recommended)

Solar Insect Trap is an extremely effective pest solution. It is very easy to install and is
fully automatic. It switches on itself, after sunset for 5 hours, and switches back on in the
morning, 3.5 hours before sunrise.i.e. When the insects are most active. The UV light helps in
attracting the insects from far. A Large plastic tray is also provided to trap the insects.

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