IFFCO_Urban Gardens_Protect Plus(Neem_based_plant_protection)-2kg

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  •  Natural protection from pests and diseases.
  •  Builds plant immunity.
  •  Systematic release of essential nutrients.
  •  Safe for earthworms, bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms.
  •  Ideal for use in the kitchen garden and other house plants

How To Use:

Sprinkle lightly and Mix Protect+ with Top Soil.

 25 grams of Protect+is recommended per 1kg soil.

 Repeat after every 10-12 days.


  •  Close Packet Tightly after every use.
  •  Store it a cool and dry place.
  •  Keep out of the reach of children.

PROTECT+ is a unique product designed to provide protection to the plants from soil-based

pathogens like nematodes and fungus. It is a tailor-made product, which contains Neem and

bio-pesticides for natural crop protection. This product acts as a natural soil conditioner and

contains organic nutrients for the plants.

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