IFFCO_Urban Gardens_Horti Perlite (Enhance Drainage & Aeration)-400gms

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  • Horticulture Grade Perlite

Product Features

  • 100% Natural Volcanic Mineral
  • Used in Potting Mixes (including Soil-Less) for enhancing Aeration and Structure
  • Provides drainage and helps to avoid compaction
  • Also used for Hydroponics, Germination, Rooting Cuttings etc.
  • Special Re-Sealable Pack.

Multiple Applications:

  • Seed Germination & Transplanting
  • Hydroponic Growing
  • Flower & Vegetables Cultivation
  • Indoor & Outdoor Plants
  • Lawns & Turf


  • Zip-Lock the Pack after Use
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Wear Goggles & Mask to avoid dust exposure

IFFCO Urban Gardens - Horti Perlite- Enhances Drainage & Aeration – Used for Plants, Hydroponics, Germination

IFFCO Urban Gardens Horti-Perlite is a unique volcanic mineral, which pops and expands over 20 times in volume under suitable conditions, forming into a very light weight granular material. Each particle comprises of tiny bubbles, leading to air passages in the growing media, providing optimum aeration. Further, the surface cavities trap moisture and make it available to plant roots.


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